Saturday, April 2, 2011

CLA Content In Grassfed Beef Varies With The Forage Grazed

CLEMSON, South Carolina:
Research a Clemson University into grassfed beef has found that the legume species alfalfa and cowpea (black-eyed pea) both increase the daily gain, dresing pecentage, tenderness and consumer acceptability of grassfed beef.
However finishing catle on warm-season bermudagrass and pearl millet produces a greater percentage of CLA, a potent anti-carcinogen.
Apparently various forages have the ability to alter the concentrations of important fatty acids in the muscle tissue. The Clemson researchers said that forage-finished beef has similar tenderness and palatability to grain-finished beef but contains greater concentrations of desirable fatty acids and antioxidants for human health. (copyrited material reprinted with permission of the author.) Pretty wonderful findings if you ask me! Many people think that grassfat beef is tough, devoid of finish, and and acquired taste. Not so! With proper management grassfat beef can grade mid-choice or higher. It just takes a bit more time and effort.

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