Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please note

This blog is primarily to let Farm members know what is happening here at the farm and other information that I feel is fun, useful, or pertinent. I am glad that other people find the information useful, and comments are encouraged. However, Following will only be allowed for members or those people that email and ask permission to do so. All comments are moderated and no improper comments will be posted. You are free to disagree with my positions but you must do so in an appropriate manner. That being said, enjoy this blog and come visit the farm on a Saturday morning. You can interact with the farm animals and farm members can pick up their orders on that day. Pick-up can also be arranged for other days but please remember that this is a working farm and we cannot always accommodate your schedule. Beef share pick up is this Sat 9-1, lamb and Pork shares next week. Get your chicken orders in for June as the May harvest is sold out unless you want to harvest your own. See you soon!

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