Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Raining Again

I know we need the rain but I just wish that it would obey the Camelot theory, "The rain cannot begin until after sunset and by 10 am the sulight must appear". Hey a girl can wish right? It sure is good for the garden and the pastures though. Filleree is usually burned off by now but this year it is still thick. The one drawback that I am seeing is the rampant growth of foxtail. As long as it is eaten off while green it is a good feed source, but once it starts to dry out it becomes a hazard. The heads get stuck in fleece, gums, eyes etc. and can cause all kinds of havoc. It hasn't been a problem until this year with all the warm days in between rains. We are going to have to bring some of the commercial sheep over this next week to clear down the pastures so we won't have to plow them under. If you see a big group of woolies out in the open field stop and say hi to Sammy or Juan. 4 of the Cur pups will be going out to be "BIG FLOCK" dogs so we  get to see them mature first hand. I'm looking forward to comparing Cricket to the pups that are with sheep 24-7.

Remember Beef Share pick up is this Saturday. I'm going to be gone on for a speaking engagement the last week of June so Jason wil be handling pick up. If you could get your orders in early that would be a big help. The last Day to order special cuts for Easter is April 12, any later than that we cannot guarantee that you order will be ready or the holiday.

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