Saturday, April 16, 2011

For Tomorrow

Remember that tomorrow at the market is Easter Order Day! Place your order tomorrow and pick up Fresh Lamb and Turkey, Flash Frozen Roasts and Hams on Thursday. Paul is going to let us use his patio at the Java Cafe for pick up. Order forms will be at the Murrieta Farmers Market Tomorrow. All orders are pre-pay and Members, dont' forget to put "myEgg" on your order form for your Easter surprize! We are hauling lambs up to the high desert on Tuesday for Custom Harvest and there is room in the truck for 3 people to come along. I will also be dropping off a small flock to a friend for weed abatement and she makes the best peach tea ever! Dont forgrt the Grazing Class in May! $15.00 per person to cover lunch and refreshments.

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