Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hoof Trimming

Nicole is here today to trim the Boer Billy's hooves. He grows a lot of hoof and has to be trimmed regularly just like a horse. Our Ground isn't hard enough to keep his Nebraska Born fee worn down. The 3 Does do just fine. Leave it to Bill E. Goat to need the extra attention. He's geting a bath and beard trim too! Billy's STINK unless you stay right on top of their hygeine. He is a former show Buck so likes the attention. We will have Chevon available in about 90 days and 2 of his kids will be going on the show circuit this fall.
Shadow the bottle lamb is off the bottle now and eating like a big boy. He will join the other farm lambs (or they will join him?) as their mothers wean them. He is next to the big sheep so they all know him and won't hurt him at integration time. He still follows J around like a puppy and loves the attention from visitors. his big bother Oliver spent last weekend ant th fair at Diamond Valley Lake working as a 'Farm Ambassador'. Jaimie had sheep, goats, steers, poultry and cavies in the livestock area showcasing what the "Youth in Agriculture" are doing in the community.
Herman is setting tour dates for the Dairy so anyone that wants to go let me know and we will set something up. Next week 6+ lambs are going up the hill for custom harvest if anyone wants to tag along. Another bunch wil be dropped of for abatement work so two phases of our operation can be seen in one trip.

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