Thursday, March 31, 2011


Now is the time to get your Turkey orders in! I know it seems like forever until Thanksgiving but it takes TIME to grow those birds. We are getting the Broad Breasted Birds again this year and will have 2 Heritage breeds as well, Buffs and Standard Bronzes. There will be no additional cost for the Heritage Breeds. The price for fresh/ fresh frozen is $4.00lb and $6.00 lb for smoked birds. Since you will be ordering in advance you can let us know at what size you would like your bird harvested and which breed or type you would like. The Heritage birds take longer to mature so the chicks need to be ordered soon. We always get straight run chicks so we can't guarantee the sex of your bird but we can make sure that you get the kind that you want. BE AWARE, Heritage birds have MUCH LESS BREAST MEAT than conventional Broad Breasted Turkeys. All turkeys will be free range with no corn or soy feeds. A deposit will be required at time of order. Thanks in advance!

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