Monday, May 2, 2011

Lamb, Trails, and tribulations...........

Due to a HUGE mix up I have 5 lambs available. Betsy requiring a heart lung transplant and communication breakdowns caused the cancellation of half of a lamb sale. If anyone is interested let me know or off to Dixon they go! I'll be shipping them next week for USDA processing and they should yield about 60 lbs each. These are the BIG range lambs. Cheryl has some Khatadins ready for those of you that prefer the flavor they'll be about 20lbs smaller a finish. The dorper crosses here at the farm will be ready for Christmas. Shadow in doing great and is finally in with the other lambs. He's still a daddys boy and comes begging whenever J goes outside. You watch I'm going to end up with another mascot around here. Dawg is bad enough! Beef shares pick up on Friday this week because I'm going to a Team Sorting on Saturday or you can arrange to pick up on Sunday at the Farmers Mkt.
Robert is finally on his way to Belize and what they are doing down there sounds VERY exciting. I wish I could go even if just for a little while.
All in all things are good here at the home place, the heirloom corn is up and the tomatoes and ground cherries are leafing out. Critters attacked the runner beans but the bush beans and long beans seem ok. The Medicine Wheel Garden is shaping up and many of the herbs are taking off. Lambs and goats are growing like weeds! Louie went home with Diane today and Iris is going tobe Jamies new goat tender. That just leaves 3 of the cur pups and they can stay until we see if they really want to work.
 Come by and see what we're doing. Jody has re-designed everything from the entryway to the lock-n-load room. I think she thinks we're all super human or something!
Thanks again to all of you that sponsored us on the ride for diabetes this last weekend. It was a lot of fun for the riders and the party afterwards was a hoot! Don't forget the breast Cancer ride in Oct. Sustaining Members get free concert tickets and VIP seats for the ranch rodeo. Wishbone will be back this year with new material and some old favorites.
Please Don't forget to plan for the end of June. J will be handling things by himself for the first time and I'm hoping to have everything lined out for him, but we know how that goes don't we? I need to be 3 people! Anyone want to barter some office time?

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