Saturday, July 30, 2011

Month without stores starts Monday!

I'm ready! Are you? I'm looking forward to it as a matter of fact!
I've loaded up on necessities and the rest will have to wait! The garden is going great guns and the farmers market is calling to me!
  Many of you have been around for a while now and have watched me shrink! I'm very proud of that and really owe a lot of my success to my friends Erika and George for all the support. I adopted the paleo lifestyle a little over a year ago and never looked back. It fits with my philosophy about raising livestock.
  Back in the day (some not too long ago) we supplemented with grains to get that bloom on our show stock. Now, with management and selection, we have winners in the show pen that have never tasted grain. Imagine that! Fit healthy stock that appeals to both the eye and the palate without Corn, Soy, wheat or Oats. No fillers, no Funky Foods. Amazing right? Wrong! It's the way we always should do it! Naturally and carefully, paying attention to rate of gain, Pasture nutrition, exercise, and body condition scores. If they eat what they are designed to eat, shouldn't we do the same? Yes! What do you think? What did the meat You are eating eat? Do you Know? Have you asked? What about the animals that supplies the milk you drink? I think it is VITALLY important to know these answers.

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