Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bacon Jam as Promised!

Here's the recipe for Bacon Jam adapted from"dinner with Julie"
1lb bacon
1 med onion
5cloves garlic
1C crushed pineapple (fresh or canned in is own juice)
1/2 C brewed coffee
1/4 C maple syrup
1T balsamic vinegar (optional)
1T whole grain mustard (optional)
Roughly chop bacon and cook in heavy pot until browned
remove bacon from pt and set aside
remove all but 1C bacon drippings and save for later!
chop onions and garlic saute in bacon fat until translucent, return bacon to the pot and add all other ingredients, simmer oer med. low heat until thickend about 30 min.
remove from heat allow to cool slightly and enjoy! This jam is great hot or cold.

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