Monday, July 25, 2011

Wood fire BBQ Goat recipe

This recipe is for larger groups of 10 or more people. You can adjust it down and just stuff a leg for the family!
1 Whole goat kid dressed (25lb or so)
5lb whole apples cored
10lb Yams or Sweet Potatoes quartered
3lb onion Diced
20 whole garlic cloves
Spice rub of choice (We Like Bandiola #13 or Pete's Firehouse Bold)
Stuff the apples, Sweet potatoes, onions and garlic into the cavity of the goat,
Rub the entire outside with your favorite Spices, Wrap Rib area of the goat in Foil Place on Center of BBq grill and let cook 3-5 hours Turning goat every hour.
Remove from grill and let rest 20 min remove foil and slice meat from shoulders and legs. Let your gurasts fight it out for the ribs and backstrap! DEEEEELICIOUS!

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