Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pork Chops for a crowd

Ok Summer is coming to a close and those last few get togethers need to be as simple as possible. Here's an EASY one for a crowd.
5lb apples cored and sliced (You can substitute Organic Canned Fuji Apples in their own Juice. 1 #10 can equals 5lbs uncut apples.
15 pork chops
1 cup honey
1/4 Cup Spice rub of choice. We like Bandiola #13
2Cups apple Juice or 1C juice and 1Cbourbon
In a 12" dutch oven Layer apples,pork chops sprinkle spice over each pork chop layer
Pour Honey over top layer (doesn't matter if you end up with chops or apples on top)
Pour liquids of choice over top until within 3/4" of rim of dutch oven. Cover and Bake 3hrs at 325 Checking every 15 min after 2 hrs. until internal temp reaches 145. Remove from heat and let rest 20 min.

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