Friday, July 8, 2011

Wow! Thats a Lot of Beef!

Here are the weights for this "harvest". (Dr. T. says that I should quit being so P.C. and call it what it is but I know that some of you are sensitive.)
Beef Steers for cuts. Hot hanging weight. 917, 955, and 927lbs respectively.
all 3 graded at choice plus! Whoo Hoo! Yield Grade 2, again WHoo Hoo! that is GREAT for Summer grass fed and finished beef! Each of these 3 should yield roughly 600lb finished cuts per carcass. Remember you MUST let me know if you want trim and or bones as these are not included in your share price and are first come first serve.
Cull cows for ground beef and sausage 1500, 1200, 1171, and 1210 respectively. Conservatively thats 2500lbs of ground beef. We have decided that we are going to offer sausages as well out of these culls just for fun, you MUST pre order or it won't get made. Bulk(uncased) is a dollar more a lb and cased add another 50 cents a pound. Dried and smoked sausages add another buck a pound.
All Raw sausage can be put up in bulk form or links:
Italian, Sweet, hot, or mild
Breakfast blend
Jalapeno Cheddar
Garlic, Onion
Mushroom, Onion
Cured and or Dried: LINK ONLY
Ring Bologna
All Sausages are Nitrate and Nitrite free with no Gluten or extenders.
Please get your orders in ASAP,

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