Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shearing day went off without a hitch. We beat the rain and Lily took home all the wool! Jason and Ian worked like a well oiled machine getting the girls into the barn for John to shear. Dr. Charlie stopped in for a bit and we all decided to wait for some sunshine to fire up the BBQ.
The Farmers Market went well today too! Cody is home from overseas and came to see us despite the threat of rain. It was great to see him after a year!
Angela made us all smile as usual with her morning goodies. Jason says that if she was Native American her name would be "Dances with Cookies" You should see her fabulous flowers, and if I bring babies her stall has puppies too! Tony was there with his awesome veggies, Fresh asparagus makes me swoon! Paul at Java Cafe did a brisk business today because all of us vendors were frozen! He has Great Coffee any day of the week.(He likes our steaks and ham slices too!) Come to the market on Sundays between 9 and 1 and then hit his shop for a beverage.
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