Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sundown and the end of Another Busy Day

Those of you that braved the chilly weather had a great day wih us at the market. Jason was especially happy because Howard came down to help and brought his computer so Jason had his "music"(sounds like noise to me but different strokes for different folks!) I have to get that boy an Ipod or something! Market traffic was light due to the weather but the offerings were GREAT as usual. Today Ed was there with his Native Plants and The Kickin' Mexican Food folks were back. Tony still has asparagus! Nice selection of veggies and Citrus too. My friends with the Peanut Brittle spoiled me as usual and I had to sneak over to the coffee house between customers and helping the fella's try to find the cow pastures outside of Helendale via telephone! It's hard to direct someone down unmarked roads without being there. We're going back up mid week to start hauling them down here if anyone wants to tag along.
 Two steers will be ready to harvest mid April. The ultrasound shows that they are still gaining and have about .5" of cover. If enough of you want in on these guys we can have Don come harvest at the Winchester Fields, of not, I'll haul them up to Pico for USDA harvest. The Lambs are in and will be ready for pick up as arranged and Beef share pick up is on the 9th of April. Sustaining Members please remember to let me know your choice for Easter ASAP! The special holiday cut list for all members is as follows: Porchetta, Whole or half hams, Crown roasts of pork or lamb, Standing Rib Roast, Chateau Briand, and stuffed leg of lamb. Please call the farm for pricing.

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