Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pups "Away" in the pasture

Today Cricket, Monkey, and Flit went with me to take the sheep out to graze. Cricket REALLY wants to work and Monkey is too vocal! Flit just settled in and watched mom and Uncle Tweed take care of business. Every time I sent one of the older dogs "AWAY" to the right all three munchkins tried to help. Cricket is the only one that stayed egaged and tried to follow a "GO- Bye" to the left. All 3 hit the deck for lie down though so at least thats solid. Not bad for 12 weeks! They won't start training for a year and just hanging out is good for them and gets their manners working!
Lils Pup Iris is already bonding with the bottle lamb. Every time he cries she kisses his face! Face and Baba Looey need to find good homes. Face needs to be an only dog or secured with his livestock, he is already super protective and barks at strangers. Baba Looey is really laid back and plays with all the other puppies, he would make a greatcompanion dog.
I think we are finally done lambing and only one more goat has yet to kid. Come by and see them!

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