Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why does it take so long to get my Beef?

Here is a time line for the beef we offer. Please be aware that other producers do things differently and this is an example of our own practices.
From Day of slaughter to finished product takes 5 weeks.
Custom Slaughter timeline:
Day 1: Butcher arrives at field and dispatches the steer, The skin,head, feet, and innards are removed and the carcass is take by the butcher to the packer, be it the butcher himself or another location.
 2: Once at the packer the carcass hangs for 21 days in the cold box to dry age, we will go into the details  of temperature control and humidity in another post. Dry aging improves the flavor and texture of the beef.
3:  After dry aging the carcass is trimmed and cut into portions called primals, these primals are then further trimmed and cut into portions for our members. This process can take several days, and the meat is held near freezing the entire time.
4: After the meat is cut into steaks, roasts, etc. it goes into the deep freeze where it is taken down to -10 degrees. At that point it is ready for me to pick up and deliver to our members!
USDA Inspected for retail Sale.
Day 1: The steers are hauled to the slaughter facility where they are inspected for good health and then dispatched. They then go into a "hot room" where the carcass rests and cools for 24 hours.
Day 2: Another USDA inspector takes samples of the beef and determines the grade that the animal will receive (choice, select etc,)
Day 3: the carcass is moved to a dry aging facility where it ages 21 days.
Day 25: The carcass is moved again to the USDA inspected Processor where it is cut  wrapped and frozen for transport.
Day 27-40 The meat is delivered from the processor to the licensed cold storage facility where we can then pick it up for distribution.
Only USDA Inspected Products may be legally shipped. Custom Meats are pre purchase only because you have to own the cow BEFORE it is dispatched. That is why we have a farm membership program firmly in place. You own a piece of every animal that is grown by us for our members. And now you know why it takes so long to get that beef from the field to your freezer!

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