Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coincidence? I think Not!

The Gremlins are at it again! This time it was funny! I told Ya'll I would be moving cattle today, and while I was on the road our local Animal Control Came by! According to the farm members that were here volunteering at the time, Someone Not local to the Area had called in a complaint that some of the livestock had no shade. The officer was completely satisfied with our shade system and I was told that they had a pretty good chuckle about the whole thing. They have to address every complaint even if they know for sure it is a waste of their valuable time and limited resources. After it was explained to the officer the trouble we've been having they informed us that confidential information always can be subpoenaed and that complaints can be viewed with a written request. COOL HUH! My file just keeps getting thicker.  If small farmers would cooperate with each other rather than waste other peoples time   we could be the change we want.

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