Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Appealing to the masses.

Let me begin by saying that I'm not going to make everybody happy every time they read this blog. That is just a fact. I talk about a variety of things that I am passionate about and not everyone shares those passions. That is ok! Even if you don't like everything you read if you come away learning something you did not know, I achieved my goal of educating the consumer.
I raise Grass fed and Finished beef and lamb, others don't, they prefer a different model that works for them. I partner with people that raise pastured pork and poultry and keep a few here at the home farm, I don't have the time or space to raise a large number of omnivores. Those folks do. Other folks raise them under different management protocols and that is their choice. My focus (and Pet Peeve) is that whatever system you prefer for raising livestock, be honest about it! Explain the how and the why. People are Smart! They will be able and want to make informed choices. If one person gets the fact that all pork and poultry contain no added hormones because it has been illegal to do so since the late 1950's rather than because someone is waving the no hormone banner to play on consumer fear of additives in our food I have done a good thing! If someone learns the difference between a cow calf operation, a feedlot, and stocker producers, all the better!Or The fact that all cattle start out as grass fed beef and the difference is in the finishing therefore the term Grass Fed that you see in the store can mean absolutely nothing. There needs to be a dialog between the farmer/rancher and the public. Yes Virginia, among other things I Am an AGvocate!
I follow a Primal eating lifestyle, again others don't and that is fine. You will see recipes that showcase the many ways to prepare the products that come from the animals we produce, Not all will be my personal eating method but everyone can benefit from learning how to prepare meats correctly, and some of  my friends and followers eat things I cannot. Where possible we will give the adjustments. My Facebook page for the farm is geared more toward those that follow the same lifestyle that I do, But, at the request of a fan, I have started a new page. MM Livestock Co Livestock 101 where questions can be asked and answered with unbiased information. People need to be able to get detailed information with scientific backing. That is what I am going to do there. There will also be a linked blog for longer posts and data. Thank you all so much for liking us and supporting what we do! I home that I can clear up some of the confusion for you!

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