Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kosher Lesson and other interesting things.

I think the most interesting happening here on the farm this last week was having a Rabbi actually come here and perform a Kosher Slaughter. Every facet of the Kill and processing is overseen by a Rabbi. Every organ Must be inspected and every vein removed. If every part of the animal is not perfect the whole animal is considered Traif under Kosher law. (It is still fine for non Kosher folks!)And the cleanliness requirements make USDA requirements look weak! It was Fascinating!
We custom slaughtered 2 steers and they are dry aging as we speak so Farm members orders are on track. I'm finally starting to post pictures on the MM Livestock Co Facebook page and we'll keep adding more! Manny the new lamb is doing fine! he get's his tail done today and we'll post the pics on fb. In this part of the country wool sheep really need their tails docked to avoid fly strike. We band tails at 3-5 days old and have never had any ill effect. The Hair sheep have short tails that do not require docking, Many of our hair sheep crosses are short tailed and don't require docking either. Our farm pigs are growing out great! Thanks again Dave for letting us have these 4 beauties! They have been moved into the summer Garden area and are turning it over beautifully!

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