Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farm Member Notification.

The attacks against us are escalating once again and we have had to make some changes to the farm to ensure the safety of our livestock and the people that live here. A new gate has been added across the drive and no animals have access to the exterior fences. Please call for the gate code. The last time that vicious rumors were circulated one of my horses was killed by someone feeding him apples laden with needles and although the authorities are aware of the perpetrator's illicit and illegal activities  they cannot stand guard at our gate. This time around the internet is again the vehicle of choice for the attacks.please report any emails, postings, and or facebook contact relating to me personally, the farm, or any of our associates to the local authorities and I will provide the number and email address for the Federal Agent handling our case to anyone that needs it. This type of activity is considered an act of terrorism and is being treated as such. These people have even resorted to filing false reports with some of the agencies we have to deal with and those reports have been proven fraudulent and of no merit. I will never understand this kind of activity and it is a very scary thing to wake up with people at your gate ready to haul away your LIFE'S WORK because someone posted on Craigslist that animals and farm equipment were free for the taking. One of our pastures was set on fire, and I can't even pick up goodies for Smoke without these people claiming we are doing something heinous. Lucky for us the perpetrator's facebook postings were captured before they were deleted as were their other postings around the internet. I am shocked by the number of farmers and ranchers that are experiencing the same thing and we have formed a group to share information and suggestions about how to deal with these acts of terrorism. In the course of this investigation we even found evidence of other people pitting farmers against each other to break mutually beneficial ties. All of our livestock and pets are fine and so are we. Thank you for your love and continued support. Farm pick up is the morning of the 10th as scheduled.

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