Sunday, June 5, 2011

Preparing for the Challenge

Ok heres what I have done so far. Seventh Generation has a huge sale on TP and Paper towels so I got 2 cases of each. I also got a couple of gallons of vinegar as this makes a great cleaner! We drink a LOT of juice so while citrus is in season I got several bushels and juiced it, put it in freezer containers and froze it for use in August.(my orange juice is costing me about $4.00 a gallon vs store bought pasturized junk at $5.00 a quart). I zested all the peels as well and stored some in Olive oil and dried the rest. Each week I'm picking up some of the produce that is left at the end of the Farmers Market and dehydrating it for later use. Carrots, Beets, Onions, Garlic, Squash, even leafy greens dehydrate beautifully and can be added to recipes to boost the nutrition. Our Garden is growing well and we will be able to get all of our fresh vegetables from it and the 2 organic farms that are producing members. I'm making up some window/container gardens for members to help them get through the store free month. We're making Jerky this week just for fun and smoking hams and bacon. I'm dehydrating all of the trim for dog food too! You have to think of your pets during this time too, remember No Running to *** mart! Check out feed stores this month. Pet foods are usually less expensive and higher quality than what you can get in a store. You can even get Certified Organic grains in 50lb bags and grind your own flours! The saving on flour alone is HUGE! Oatmeal lovers-- 50lb of Certified Organic Rolled oats will run you about $15.00. Compare that to a pound of oatmeal and you'll quickly get the point.
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