Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reducing Our Footprint and new Producing members!

We have been able to reduce our miles travelled each week by 100 miles! Sergio who runs a certified organic farm near Corona is going to be supplying us with wonderful fruits and veggies that we aren't growing and best of all they are Certified Organic. What a Plus! Grapefruit (rare Shabar Ruby), avocados(5 varieties), carob,figs, green garlic,loquat,mulberry, peach, pear(asian, bartlett) plums, heirloom tomatoes, pomelos, all will be coming on beginning this week! Our U-pick is going great guns and should be ready to start harvesting mid June, peppers, chiles, beans, greens, oranges, herbs and more! The best news is as soon as Sergio gets the ok we're putting in Poultry at his farm! The tractors will move through the orchards and gardens so real deal Certified Organic Poultry is coming this fall! whoo hoo! skip,shout, and dance of Joy! 
Grass Finished Beef harvest this week if anyone wants to come out and pigs are getting BIG! The Red Wattles are at Sam's until they get a little bigger and then they'll move over here to their new digs. True Heritage Pork from Verified Parentage. This is exciting stuff for us. Purebred Source Verified Berkshires from Phil will remain a staple as well as the Duroc pork. Pastured is Best!
The next round of lambs will be ready for harvest early July but we have enough to carry through until then. The commercial Flocks will be moving down from the canyon mid June. Don't forget the Goat Management class next week, only 3 spots left! Chicken Keeping workshop is tentatively sheduled for the Second Saturday in July, Dr. Mark will be here to give detailed instruction in management, handling, housing and harvesting. This is a FREE workshop, however if you want to take home a small coop for your own back yard we ask that you cover the cost of materials. I will send the list to those interested in participating.
Sustainer(tm) Update!
With your generous support we have been able to purchase a poultry plucker,scalder,cones and processing equipment. As soon as the harvest trailer is completed (and inspected)we will be able to process poultry right here at the home farm and take it to Sergio's when the birds are ready there.
Before I forget, I want to thank Linda and Kathy for giving me so much insight into the Truth about the Weston A Price Foundation. I was a card carrying sceptic until these great gals gave me all the facts. This is an organization I can support without reservation. Thank you ladies for taking the time to educate an old stick in the mud! When you said that I was already in line with your tenents I didn't realize just how in line I was! Great to find a large number of like minded people committed to Clean food and Health. And I'm Glad you liked the steaks too! Thanks again and Welcome Aboard!
Time to move the Farm Flock, Until Next time.

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