Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pork Cuts

One of our members called and asked for more information on pork shares so I called Phil to get the actual yield based on 250lb live weight. The cut list is very basic and yield will change depending on specific cuts, for example, if you want a crown roast then you get no ribs, a Porchetta will do away with the bacon etc. So here goes...
Live wt of 250lb yields about 73.6% or roughly a 184lb carcass. (Much bigger than this and it is likely to be an older animal and will be tough. Most hogs are harvested between 7-9 months of age) total yield 140lb pork 44lb skin, fat, and bone.
Hams(Hind Leg) 45lb 24% of carcass;
27.8lb cured or fresh ham, 5.8lb trim, 11.4lb skin,fat, and bone (trim is what is made into sausage and or ground pork)
Side(belly) 34.9lb 19% of carcass
19lb bacon or fresh belly, 5.8lb spare ribs, 9.1lb trim 1lb fat
Loin 33.8lb 18%of carcass
3.2lb back ribs, 10.7lb boneless loin, 7.6lb country style ribs, 5.7lb loin roast, 1.6lb tenderloin, 1.6lb trim, 3.4lb fat and bone.
Picnic 16.6lb 19% of carcass
12.2lb boneless picnic, 4lb skin fat and bone.
Boston Butt (Shoulder) 14.7lb 8%of carcass
4.4lb blade steaks, 7.8lb blade roast, 1.7lb trim, .8lb fat
Misc. 39.2lb 22%of carcass
15.4lb jowl,trotters, neck bones etc. 22lb skin,fat, bone, 1.8lb shrinkage and misc loss.

To clarify a little bit, we usually leave the skin on the hams, and NEVER factor bones or trotters into your take home weight. If you want the neck bones, tail, head, leaf fat etc. just ask and if it isn't already spoken for its yours! I feel that it is improper to ask someone to pay for what is usually considered loss. I had one member comment that she received soup bones as part of a CSA purchase elsewhere and was horrified that someone would expect her to pay the same price for them as she would expect to pay for a pound of ground meat. We add those things in as extras. Offal is the same way with the exception of liver at the Farmers Market.  Duroc Pork Shares are $5.00lb and Berkshire Pork Shares are $8.00lb and the price is for Member Farm Pick Up Only. Shipping is not included in the Farm Member price and must be calculated seperately.
Call or e-mail for per piece prices please. mmlivestockco@live.com

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