Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YUK! It's still raining!

It's raining again and I'm slip sliding around the place! Tommy brought a load of gravel for the driveway so hopefully the pothole will stay gone this time. Pork and beef shares are ready for Saturday pick up, Chickens arrive Friday and yes all you dog lovers the feet and heads will be in bags in the offal chest first come first serve.Chris usually gets them early so watch for the bumble bee! The garden is finally looking like a garden! the corn is Knee high and the beans and squash are up. Some of the tomatoes are blooming YAY! and the salad bowls are getting full. Watermelon and Cantaloupe went in today as well as more garlic and onion sets. We had a wild swarm of bees take up residence in the Oak tree by the road and thank goodness they are gentle bees! Mr Bayless brought us a skep and they moved right in. The hops I planted should keep them happy until more veggies start to flower. The lady next door has a beautiful flower garden so they will find plenty to do.
Cricket helped move sheep yesterday and 4 pups get on a plane Friday Morning. That Just leaves Monkey and Soot to find homes. Iris went to live with Jaimie and the goats (translate to in the house with Joe) Grace is in fine form and as fearless as ever, I hope Cricket comes on like her mama! Flit is Definitely destined to be a sheep dog as she has no desire to even look at a cow, Uncle Tweed has corrupted her! Wallace is on the disabled list for a week o so due to his much needed surgery.(he got neutered)
Shadow is doing really well and this seasons Farm Flock lamb crop is about weaned off. They will be ready to go at Christmas time so reserve them early. Emma, Claire, and Lisa will be home from their lawn mowing duties tomorrow so mom's don't forget Emma's pop tarts!
 Miss Mary's piggies arrive Monday so there will be a family of Red Wattle hogs in the land yacht. No pork from  them for about a year as they are just young shoats and will be breeders. Thank goodness for Phil or we wouldn't have pork to offer. The front pasture is starting to green up so that the bucket calf can come home and you all can wach him become beef! Ah the dogs are barking better go see what's up. Until Next time!

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