Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Have you ever felt like you were walking on a pontoon bridge with no hand ropes? Yeah! Whew! Scary, exciting, disturbing, all the adjectives come to mind. Taking a position that shifts my focus away from the farm full time, Changing my base of operation, Bringing people in to manage my stock, and the Biggie, Letting the home farm become a rescue. What Monumental shifts! I'm used to being hands on 24-7 and the shift has and is humbling and a bit uncomfortable. Thank Heaven for great friends and business partners that see beyond my scattered emotions and have the courage to kick me in the tush when I want to say F*** it! What they say about one door closing and a window opening is absolutely true! As the year draws to a close and we move forward I have to thank a few people that have really made a difference during this time of change.
I have to thank D for being the man he is, A good man, and an honorable man, but not strong enough to be the partner that I need as this life Blooms into greatness. He showed me that I am worthy and that Love will find a way.
Jan, for being the strength through all the whirlwinds, my friend, cattle prod, the voice of reason and at times the emphatic DON"T BE STUPID!
Mick, for being Mick, 30 years of friendship and still the shelter when I need it.
T for coming back into my life. And adding a Hard Rock beat to the process. (Not to mention an ability to read people and cut to the chase that I sorely lack!)
Jerry, For being the best friend a girl could ask for, John, for being the Dad right now. Mom, for being mom and saying that Kentucky sounds like a grand Adventure!
And all my friends both near and far that walk this journey with me, Especially my baby Brother and my lil sis Serri.(Shee Kicks my butt regular!)
California, Oregon, and Texas will still have our grass fed beef and lamb, but so will Kentucky and Oklahoma!
We've elected to keep our local offerings small and personal in each locale and the ship is slowly but surely righting itself and moving in a positive direction.
After the new year the blog will focus on each locale and my team will guest post so that you can meet them all, I will be focusing on the Genetics, forages, management, and the challenges that come with having stock spread across the country, a recipe page, and farm photos section is in the works, and Yes I am still on the Primal Journey, logging 260 lbs gone and ready to show you the changes!  I love you all! Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or New Year, and Keep those Orders Coming!

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