Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Believe.

The Song from Alabama "I Believe There are Angels Among Us" has been in my head of late, Several things have happened that Just can't be explained any other way......
An opportunity came out of the blue that Is life altering and more exciting that I care to admit, an old friend walked back in to my life at the perfect time, and I met a real live Angel, His name is Buzz and he is 93 years young.
Buzz, wow, where do I begin,
Well lets just say he took a look at some treasures and had to have them, The stories he tells of why they are so important to him I'll save for another time. Let's just say that he touched me in a way that I did not know was possible. He has such passion, such courage, and such conviction about what is good and right that it rubs off on everyone he meets! You can't help but see a glow around Buzz! He changed my perspective, gave me back my drive, and set me on a straight course for tomorrow.
He worked with my Pop many years ago and gave me some pictures from their movie days, and a mouse!
The mouse is one my Pop made for him years ago and he thought that I should have it. It's a little forged piece and I adore it! I carry it in my pocket, So when you see me next, ask if I have a mouse in my pocket, I'll sure tell you yes, and tell you a story about that Angel! Thank you Buzz!

Now back to farm stuff! Many of you have expressed an interest in following a couple of our steers from Conception to Consumption(tm), We're working on getting the video together so that you can do just that. At the same time we are moving part time to Kentucky, but will still have a presence in So. Cal.

I'm following my passion and keeping our ranching heritage alive, just in a way that I had never dreamed of!  I am the luckiest woman! Great friends, great business partners, great passions, and a gift of gab! I can't ask for anything more. I'll get pictures up soon and promise to try to be more regular about posting. Love you all and thank you for your continued Love and support. And remember,
"Take a deep seat, and a far away look, cuz he's gonna pitch a little, but If you can stay with him, you have the makings of a true pardner for life" R.K. "Pops" Sowders.

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