Monday, October 15, 2012

Update! Or A new Chapter Begins!

The last few weeks have been an absolute Whirlwind of Change! Moved the Majority of my California Cattle to Tulare County, Sheep Flock to the Central Valley, Took a Job that has me Flying all over doing what  I love! Talking Ag! The position will have me splitting my time between Sunny California and the Midwest.
 I will be in Southern Cal the Second week of every month and am maintaining herds and flocks here to service my locals! Your loyalty has been Amazing and I will keep you supplied with Grass Finished Beef and lamb as well as Pastured Pork. I am Having to discontinue Farmers Markets However, With the exception Of The Murrieta Certified Farmers Market One weekend a Month. I have a good crew Hired to keep things running smoothly. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned to keep up with my new adventures! There is a lot for you to learn and this old Ag-Nerd is looking forward to showing you the what, where, when, and how of what is important to YOU from the world of Ag!

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  1. Keep it going one day at a time and never check to see how you are...its only gong to change anyway so why keep track?