Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We had a BUSY week!

First let me apologize for being tardy about posting to the blog. I've been extremely busy getting ready for a road trip and getting all the livestock where it needs to go so you have meat while I'm away! Add to that Farmers Markets, Caterings, gatherings and Custom pick up, there just aren't enough hours in the day!
We're moving farm pick up back 1 week for September since I figure most of you will head out for the labor day weekend. Share pick up will be on the 10th instead of the 3rd. We will still be here and available but I figured a little flexibility would be good.
We got 4 pigs in from a local grower just for our farm members. Come meet Porchetta, Panchetta, Chops and BACON when you get the chance! We'll be doing some work to both websites tomorrow and the referral list that I have been promising will be on We decided that the site will be tailored more toward members with access to Members only pages, photos and video that will have information I feel is important to members but not necessarily relevant for the general public. Our facebook page MM Livestock Co. has fun anecdotes, quotes, comments and links to other pages of interest, By liking our page you will get notification about most things that we are up to here on the farm, My Primal Journey from Fat to Fit, Recipe Links etc. Thank you for all of the love and continued support and we are Proud to be Your Farmers of choice.

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