Monday, April 23, 2012

Streamlining is a lot of work!

We have implemented a CSA and some new membership options like buying in for a whole year, Holiday meats , exotics and the like. And I can't spread things out like we once did. We have had to really streamline and try to get on a set schedule. This has been my biggest shortcoming from the start. I raise great animals, can run the day to day operation like a well oiled machine, but delivery schedules with a good time buffer seem to escape me. Thanks to Tim and Christina I am learning how to be as efficient off farm as I am on farm.  I am so grateful for these great teachers!

Our research project is half funded and we have a way for you to donate in place. I am looking forward to doing a peer reviewed study of the benefits of Grass fed production over confinement raising. With scientific data to back everything up rather than the pseudo science and Celebrity tie ins we see so much of. My heroes come from the real world, with hard work and verifiable knowledge to back the claims that they make. I like that my customers can see what we do, and can ask questions without being worried that we will avoid answering or ignore their concerns. Now if I can just get the deliveries on time I will be Golden!

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