Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden Finally going in!

The weather has been so darn crazy that we are just now getting plants in the ground. (plus we had to wait until the last hog was ready before we could till) heirloom tomatoes, squashes, old varieties of sweet corn, pole beans and a bunch of wild and wonderful new things we've never tried before. the U-pick garden will be a lot of fun for members this year! Lemon cukes and ghost eggplant, peppers, and of course our almost famous chiles! yes Aaron there will be pequine's!
 The salad bowls are sprouting and we have decided to do some hanging baskets for our apartment dwelling members! we have berries in the Pallet gardens, and tubers where the hogs will go this fall! The herb garden is sprouting and I can't wait! My bay tree made it through the winter so dried bay leaves will be available this season! YAY! We also planted the Hugelkulture mound and will see if it really is as amazing as we hope! I will list everything we will have to offer as soon as I know what made it!
I am so proud of our farm family! Many of you are planting at least some of your own food this season and that is AWESOME! Now for some livestock news!
Lambing and calving are done for the season and the shearer was here last week so that's done too! Pigs are secured for next month and we will have 8 to grow out in addition to those Paul raises for us.
 The hens are laying and we will have broiler chickens ready to butcher in a few weeks, Who wants to help? Ray will be giving a class so it will be a great learning experience for those that want to participate. Turkey Poults will arrive any time now and with 75 spoken for we will only have a few extra for those of you that didn't pre-order.
We are half way to having the matching funds for our cattle comparison project and we have found a way to make it easy for you to donate if you wish, so watch for the link in the next week or so.
We have also been working our way through a TON of red tape to set up shipping to Hawaii and I think we have finally got all of the ducks in a row! Sheesh was that ever stressful!
I apologize for being lax on the blog but time should allow for more frequent posting soon! thank you all for your love and continued support! without all of you, we wouldn't be here!

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