Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Hams! Feral Hog Bacon and Sausage.

Boy Howdy do we have some treats for you this year! After a VERY successful Texas Feral Hog hunt we have Wild Hams and bacon available in limited Supply, as well as a variety of Wild Sausages. I kept back a few tenderloins for special friends but everything else got ground, cured, or smoked. In some cases all of the above! Ian will have the sausage list ready in a few days and yes Fabian there will be Lanjaiger! Boerwaars are drying and lots of other porky goodness! We also have plenty of Duroc and Berkshire hogs available for your pleasure. And let's not forget the dry cured hams! In fact with everyone wanting bacon, Chops, ribs, roasts, steaks and cushion are in abundance. Beef shares are available for early January and we have plenty under inspection for those of you looking for just a roast or a few steaks, The ground beef sale is still on through the New Year and we have Gift certificates available for farm members and inspected products both. Our partial move is under way and we should be working the Hill Ranch by late January, Give us a call and plan a visit! Lambs and Goat Kids have arrived at the Home Place, Calves are on on Pasture and our PBS spot will air in February or March, Giving you a first hand look at what we do, how we do it, and why. 
Anyone wanting Hides for the next year needs to reserve one now, and the Muley(polled Cattle) skulls are spoken for through May.  I took Jane's advice and got Ol' Marcel's head mounted, he was such a beautiful example of the Aberdeen Angus that I felt he needed to "Hang Around" for folks to see. He will go in the office at Hill Ranch right next to Cal Poly Special. Remind me to tell you his story some day. We will only have 4 bison to go this spring so reserve early or you may miss out! Beefalo will be ready to process then as well.
December lambs are nearly sold out and the next crop won't be ready until late spring.
Ken is going to take over the poultry operation and we will have a larger variety of birds next year.(Lord knows that I wasn't going to do it! You all know how I feel about birds!)
I've been asked to do a post on production and transparency so stay tuned, My opinions tend to rub some folks the wrong way but hey, I gotta be me! Until then, take care and may the Lord keep you well.

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