Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A time to Share and be Grateful

First let me thank all of our Farm Family and Friends for their support, guidance, and help this year. We truly would not be here without you! I have learned so much from new friends about Social Media and the importance of sharing our knowledge with others. I feel blessed when someone that we have helped along the way takes time to say thank you or calls us with questions.It means that we are doing things right. People really are interested in the day to day running of a cattle and sheep operation, you do want to know how and why we do what we do. The best answer that I can give is also the simplest, it boils down to one word....PASSION.
I am Passionate about my chosen lifestyle and want others to get a sense of what I feel every day. Getting up before the sun to drive out and check the cattle is every bit as important to me as telling you the facts about cattle production. Talking about sheep breeding and stock dogs is as vital as you knowing the difference between just grass fed and Grass fed and Finished. I want you to understand why there is no such thing as grass fed pork or poultry, and why corn and soy are not good feeds for rumenants. I get a thrill when ultrasounding cattle and sheep to preg check, and I want you to get at least a basic understanding of what it takes for us to get these animals to your plate. We copywrited and trademarked the term "From Conception to Consumption"(tm) for a reason. Because we raise them that way!
 I get a little crazy when I see blatantly impossible claims made about production and or breeding practices and need to learn to cool my jets rather than scream about how wrong they are. I would rather teach you, the consumer what is right than point out someone elses failings, it doesn't do me any good and those that think it's okay to invent titles aren't going to change because I call them out. I have to thank Jesse for smacking me up side the head on that one!
I want you to enjoy my posts even if you don't always agree and come away having learned something new or with a smile on your face. I love having visitors trail me for a day and get their hands dirty. I believe that the only stupid question is one that is never asked and that God put me here to make a difference. I love my life and wouldn't trade a day working livestock for all the riches of the world.
I want you to buy from us because you know what we do, and are comfortable with our practices. You don't have to come watch a slaughter, but I want you to know that you can and we schedule those days far enough in advance so that you are able to plan to attend if you wish. I want you to understand why it takes so long to get that beef ready for you to take home as steaks, roasts, etc. And I especially want you to understand the practices that make it happen. From the grass they eat, and the timing and method of slaughter, to the aging and cutting process, each step is vital to the quality of the finished product. I am so Grateful to be able to share this with all of you, Thank you!
Until next time....

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